Vehicle Alignment & Suspension in Lake Station serving customers throughout NWI and the Chicagoland area

Maintaining your vehicle’s undercarriage is important for several reasons. Specifically, keeping the suspension in check and the alignment centered are critically important. Dean’s Auto will make sure your vehicle can handle all the bumps in the road and drive straight and true no matter what direction you’re headed.

Services Offered

We go above and beyond as an auto repair shop serving Lake Station, all of Lake County, IN, along with Chicago and Cook County, IL, offering you alignment and suspension services that you might otherwise only find at a specialty service provider! Some of our capabilities include:

Shocks keep you from feeling every single little bump in the road, while also protecting your vehicle from vibrations and jarring. We replace damaged shocks where necessary.

Struts provide vital support for your vehicle’s suspension. If your shocks are damaged, your struts likely are too. We can repair and replace struts to restore the integrity of your undercarriage.

Ball joints
Ball joints have a tendency to wear out and break down over time. We can replace these components to keep your wheels stable and your steering intact.

Steering issues and steering column repairs
Steering column repairs can’t be ignored! If you’re struggling to turn the wheel or losing tracking as you drive, we can help.

Power steering and fluid
Low power steering fluid levels can make it difficult to turn your wheel. We check fluid levels, top off your fluid and can check for leaks along the way.

Rack and pinions
This system enables you to turn your steering wheel and have your car respond in kind. If it becomes disjointed, so will your steering. We can service rack and pinion issues to keep everything moving along.

Alignment issues
Alignment troubles often lead to tire service in Gary, IN. Let us help you avoid that cost with routine alignments when your vehicle starts veering off course.

Keep Your Vehicle on the Right Track

If your car needs suspension or alignment upkeep, waste no time in calling Dean’s Auto today. We provide thorough and complete services that you’re sure to feel the next time you’re on the road. Contact us to schedule your appointment for Alignment, Steering, Shocks, Struts and Ball Joints and more at 219-781-2425.