Engines & Transmissions 

Problems with your engine or transmission are quick to make themselves known and devastating when left unchecked. The moment there’s trouble under the hood or stemming from your gearbox, call Dean’s Auto for comprehensive service. We have Repaired, Replaced and Restored 100s of Engines and Transmissions with cost effective solutions.

Services Offered

It’s important to trust only the very best professionals with your vehicle’s engine or transmission. These critical systems need absolute care, delivered with precision and completeness. Our experts are no strangers to engine or transmission services, and we offer a full and complete scope of abilities:

Engine repair and rebuilds
An under-maintained engine can break down entirely. When this happens, you’ll need an expert professional to dismantle, fix and rebuild it. Trust this critical job to our team and we promise your vehicle will be running smoothly again in no time at all.

Transmission rebuilds
Catastrophic transmission damage needs to be completely remediated. We’ll disassemble your transmission, provide viable repairs and rebuild it to spec, saving you money on a complete replacement. Not every shop is equipped for this level of transmission repair in Gary, IN—we are.

Engine replacements
If your car is in good condition but your engine is beyond saving, look to us for an engine replacement. We’ll remove the damaged engine and retrofit a new one to get you back on the road. It’ll be like having a brand-new vehicle!

Transmission replacements
When transmission repairs just won’t cut it, we provide transmission replacements. For the cost of a new transmission, you could save yourself from paying years of new car payments. We provide upfront and honest quotes, as well as workmanship you can rely on.

Engine tune-ups and routine transmission flushes are a great way to keep these vital systems in proper working condition. Turn to our staff for everything you need, at regular intervals. We’re committed to servicing your vehicle to its fullest.

Keep Your Car Running

If your car needs suspension or alignment upkeep, waste no time in calling Dean’s Auto today. We provide thorough and complete services that you’re sure to feel the next time you’re on the road. Contact us to schedule your appointment for Alignment, Steering, Shocks, Struts and Ball Joints and more at 219-781-2425.