Brake & Tire Services in Lake Station serving customers throughout NWI and the Chicagoland area

We offer brakes and tires services. Here some to name a few:

Services Offered

Brake pads
When your pads wear low and you start to lose stopping power, come to us for a fresh set of brakes and the peace of mind that comes with reliable pads.

Warped rotors from overuse of your brakes? No problem. Our team will change out those faulty rotors for a fresh set, to ensure the critical function of your brakes.

Bent or broken calipers can spell doom for your brakes. Let our team replace or repair them, to restore the integrity of your brakes.

Brake hoses
Hoses can become worn out and damaged over time. If they brake or develop a leak, we’re quick to replace them.

Brake lines
Air in your brake line? Problems with brake fluid? We bleed lines and service your master cylinder to restore the function of your brakes.

Tire rotations and balancing
To prevent undue tread wear, tire misalignment and more, look to our team for complete tire service in Gary, IN. We offer rotations and balancing to keep everything sound.

Notice your vehicle veering off-center? Problems turning smoothly. You may have an alignment issue. Let us correct it and track your vehicle back to center.

Complete Break and Tire Care

Don’t let your brakes and tires suffer from poor maintenance or unforeseen problems! Schedule routine brake services with the brake shop at Dean’s Auto and always have peace of mind. We’ll make sure your brakes work perfectly and your tires are in optimal condition, so you can drive safely. Contact us today for BrakesTire Repair and more at 219-781-2425.