Emissions Services

Emissions Services in Lake Station serving customers throughout NWI and the Chicagoland area

In Indiana, vehicles must undergo emissions testing every 2 years to remain compliant with the State Department of Transportation (DOT). You can have your emissions tested at any Clean Air Car Check station.

Emissions Services

If your vehicle fails its emissions test, we’ll work with you to understand why and can provide complete emissions service in Lake County, IN dedicated to fixing the issue. Often, the problem involves your exhaust system and can be fixed with specific repairs or replacements. Other times, the problem may be more complex. In any case, we work hard to deliver the repairs your car needs.

As with all repairs we provide, emissions repairs are quoted upfront and you’ll be given a detailed breakdown of everything required to fix your car, including parts, labor and turnaround. We’re happy to answer any questions about the problem or provide information about the work we’re doing.


Keep Your Vehicle on the Right Track

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