Muffler Shop in Lake Station serving customers throughout NWI and the Chicagoland area

Is your vehicle sounding loud and obnoxious ? Smoke pluming from your tailpipe or underneath your vehicle? Problems with your exhaust need a cost-effective solution. You’ll find it at Dean’s Auto. We are a fully equipped muffler shop in Lake Station, serving customers thru out NWI, and the surrounding Chicagoland areas, bringing you cost effective solutions that get your exhaust system fixed the first time.

Services Offered

Thanks to our penchant for delivering exceptional auto repair in Lake Station and thru out NWI, your exhaust is guaranteed to get top-level service and oversight.

Some of the many services our muffler shop offers include:

Catalytic converters
Failed your emissions test? Sudden issues with fuel economy? Your catalytic converter might be to blame. Let us inspect, service or replace it.

Muffler repairs
Holes in your muffler or other erosive damages could leave your vehicle sounding loud! We offer the repairs needed to silence it once again.

Exhaust repairs and replacements
Need a new exhaust system? We’re the place to get it. We can outfit your car with a system that’s efficient and quiet.

Rusted tailpipes can cause all sorts of problems. Let us replace rusted pipes to keep your exhaust system in its best condition, to avoid future problems.

Exhaust pipes
Issues with blow-by engine gasses can quickly stem from exhaust pipe failures. Our team can identify and repair them to keep your check engine light off.

Custom-bent exhaust
Need a customized exhaust solution that goes beyond stock options? We offer custom bending for exhaust pipes, to meet your vehicle’s needs!

Our muffler shop team knows how persistent and aggravating exhaust problems can be—especially if you’re failing emissions tests or turning heads with an angry muffler. We’ll see to it that these issues are resolved quickly and cost effective.

Get Exhaust Services

Don’t let exhaust or muffler problems linger. Schedule your appointment with Dean’s Auto today and let us take care of them. We use only the best parts and highest quality workmanship, guaranteed. Schedule your appointment for Exhaust and Muffler repairs, and more by contacting us at 219-781-2425.